RUMOURS shows are played at top notch locations that give its patrons the best possible experience that help rate all the shows as outstanding. They are now going into their 23rd year since they began in 1997.
Come on out and join them as they rock your town with many of your favorite Fleetwood Mac hits.

Dave McNary

as "John McVie"
Dave is from the North Shore of Ohio. In addition to his work with Walt Sanders & The Cadillac Band, he is in demand as a freelance bassist with a wide variety of regional bands and musical acts. David began his professional music activities first by studying drums, but ultimately found his musical voice with the bass guitar.

His great ear and solid chops are deeply appreciated and respected by his peers. Keyboardist, Pete Ford writes, "I come from a family of bass players, David is one of my favorite rock bass players to gig with. When David is on the gig I automatically play to my fullest because I don't have to worry about the bass part, it'll be there. I know he's done his homework and the musical foundation will be solid.

It might not be immediately obvious but he truly leads the band on stage with his solid musicianship and leaves us the space to do what we want over the top. His energy is right, and the musical pocket is deep with David on the gig. Also he reacts to the subtle musical gestures we all tend to do to make it fun on stage. He is deeply informed by having listened to and worked out bass lines to hundreds of songs on his own. It allows us all to open up and really dig into the music." Dave also enjoys recording original music creations in his spare time.



We Love You...   Stevie!