RUMOURS shows are played at top notch locations that give its patrons the best possible experience that help rate all the shows as outstanding. They are now going into their 23rd year since they began in 1997.
Come on out and join them as they rock your town with many of your favorite Fleetwood Mac hits.

Matt Corkins

as "Keyboards"

Throwing a piece of himself into enjoying everything about the sound of Fleetwood Mac. Simple yet evolved enough for each song to have its own little things about it that everyone likes. From piano to organ or to maybe even clavichord or flute in the next song. There always seems to be something different that always keeps it interesting. Wrap all this up around totally finding that sound again. Letting it take you back to memories you've hadn't had in such a long long time.


Matt grew up in a musical family. Learning to imitate or create has always been a part of his life. So finding that sound as an original member, Rumours has been a great passion for him. Or maybe its even sureal as the sounds that take you back to memories you've hadn't had in such a long long time. Learning to feel and share these precious moments once again with each other.

All this time we could never had done it without you and your songs, Fleetwood Mac. Thank~you!!!!!


Here are some songs from Matt's latest original project.

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1 - Afterwork

2 - Got A Crazy Feeling

3 - What I Haven't Found Yet

4 - A Lead In Time

5 = TriRader


We Love You...   Stevie!