RUMOURS shows are played at top notch locations that give its patrons the best possible experience that help rate all the shows as outstanding. They are now going into their 21st year since they began in 1997.
Come on out and join them as they rock your town with many of your favorite Fleetwood Mac hits.

Rumours Long Banner

RUMOURS is ready for a new exciting season performing live on stage for their 21st year, giving Fleetwood Mac fans everywhere everything they expect and more...

A loss for words

Learning that Liz has lost her life has devastated the band. She couldn't have been sounding better and it was totally unexpected. This year's shows have already been booked, so we are thankful for Shannon coming to fill in for her. Liz will be in our memories forever. To this effect we are dedicating our first show entirely with all members of Rumours past and present to Liz our close friend. We love her very much and she will always be with us in spirit.


New Rumours Videos?

It's always a pleasure to see what the band has been up to in recent events. Recently a new video had arrived from Rob Hammer. A very enjoyable evening with everyone at "The Barn". Check out the video below.

"Song Bird" video

Al Coffey has taped the entire show this year in Rocky River. Download this Silver Springs video.

"Silver Springs" video

As always, we all look forward to seeing you again!

We Love You...   Stevie!